july 2022

10julAll Day11Borders and Walls2nd Inclusive Global Interdisciplinary Conference

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n a contemporary moment where human mobility is shaped by a global pandemic, the ongoing effects of climate change, and growing economic instability, the role and utility of borders are in need of renewed exploration. The spread of the novel coronavirus has made the ways in which borders structure and constrain our lives apparent to more people than ever. Due to the pandemic, billions of people around the world have faced the realities of confinement to home countries as traversal across international lines has been limited only to those with sufficient claims to citizenship, residence, and now, proof of vaccination. Some argue that in times like these, borders provide security, the preconditions for effective governance, and the distribution of goods and services within a given population. Yet, others might ask to what extent they simultaneously reinforce hegemony and bar access to necessities—such as life saving COVID vaccines and other medical infrastructure—for those who, by mere lottery of birth, happened to be born on the ‘wrong’ side.

Moving beyond conventional notions of borders as static lines separating “us” from “them” and “inside” from “outside,” this conference aims to open a non-essentialist conversation about borders and walls. As inclusive and multidisciplinary, we seek submissions on the varying significance of borders and borderlands across a wide array of contexts and fields including but not limited to architecture, sociology, urban planning, history, anthropology, linguistics, literature, art, poetry, performance, journalism, and cartography. We welcome both traditional and nontraditional formats ranging from empirical research and analysis, ethnography, and journalism to poetry, performance, film, and fictocriticism. Drawing upon this multiplicity of perspectives from people directly affected by borders, our objective is to invite critical reflection with respect to the presence of borders as constructs in contemporary society, their transnational histories, and multidimensional significance. We seek to imagine border alternatives, and to open up space for new approaches and understandings via interdisciplinary exchanges.

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july 10 (Sunday) - 11 (Monday)


Athens 2022

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