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Every day we move through space that has been constructed or delineated somehow to be significant. We recognise and—consciously or unconsciously—react to this significance on a daily or hourly basis, and we draw from a cultural well of knowledge in order to do so.

While we may not be aware of this process, our lives are lived in constant negotiation with these meanings; it is therefore important to examine how we shape the space around us, and what the meanings are that we attach to inside and outside, here and there, mine and yours, and even function and form. Understanding that these meanings are time- and culturally-based broadens these questions, allowing for not only an examination of how they are understood today, but how they were perceived and deployed in the past—and how they might be in the future.

The exciting and productive discussions at our previous meetings dedicated to the topic “Spaces and Places” explored a number of key areas through different disciplinary perspectives: shifting meanings of neighbourhoods through time | mobility between economic and political spaces | the effect of place on emotion and perception | procession and its manipulation of meaning in space | political control of space as a function of controlling protests | fiction and its creation of space | mapping and the deployment of power |
Building on the success of these and other conversations, and the entirety of last year’s conference, we aim to continue to examine the way space is bounded or expanded to create place.

We will continue to explore how the concepts and practicalities that make up our understanding of what spaces and places mean are political, social, and specific to our culture(s), and how space and place dance with each other in the middle of it all.

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july 8 (Friday) - 9 (Saturday)


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