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Travel, the daily movements of people (and animals), our mobility and ability to traverse spaces and places has been disrupted this last year and a half, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many of us for whom travel was a frequent part of our lives have had to rethink how we approach it as we slowly begin to, once more, head to parts unknown – or to familiar and well-loved destinations.

Who gets to travel in today’s world? Has the pandemic widened the divide between those who can and those who can’t? What exactly does it mean to travel? Who travels where and why? What part does history play in the way we move amongst others and into others’ cultures? Do we take our cues from previous centuries and their navigation of illness and access? Or do we create brand new pathways through the world?

This inclusive interdisciplinary conference aims to map the broad boundaries of what is involved when we begin to grapple with travel as it has existed in the past, and today. We aim to explore the various interfaces which are created when people move, for whatever reasons, from place to place – and the differences created in just this last year and a half in what perhaps was, for many, a relatively straightforward process before. Has the pandemic had an effect that will last into the future? Will we choose different destinations? Will be choose different travel partners, restaurants, companies?

We will explore travel as a cultural phenomenon both in today’s world and the past, identify areas, issues and problems where reform is needed and consider potential pathways to the future with a view to having exciting and fruitful conversations, and creating a publication to engender further research, practice, collaboration and discussions.

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july 10 (Sunday) - 11 (Monday)


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