Food and Drink

© Jamie Robertson 2016

© Jamie Robertson 2016

Mapping the field of Food and Drink is an exciting, complex though at times frustrating endeavour. Food and drink crosses and permeates all areas of lived experience, interpersonal relationships, intellectual reflection, aesthetic tastes and sensibilities; it nourishes, sustains, defines the identity of communities and nations, promotes and hinders health, drives economies and inspires creativity. As an area for research and exploration, it is multi-layered with a myriad intertwined and interweaving threads and requires a plethora of approaches, insights and perspectives if we are to better to understand, appreciate and grapple with it. This inclusive interdisciplinary project seeks to explore critical issues in relation to Food and Drink through its history, its significance in human development, its meaning in the context of the 21st Century, as well as its expression in national and cultural histories across the world, including issues of transgression, safety, religion, etc. The project will also explore its representation in art, art history, literature, film and music.


Food and Drink in the 21st Century
Food and Drink in the 21st century have become far more than simply sustenance and succour. As cooking shows, slow-food movements, culinary adventure travel, and rallies around national or regional ingredients have become common-place in some areas of the world, in others food anxiety, scarcity, and quality have suffered. While these opposing forces surrounding food and drink are not necessarily correlative, they are all indicative of the vital importance of food in our lives today.

Development Team

Teresa Cutler-Broyles is is an adjunct faculty member in the Cinematic Arts Department at the University of New Mexico, USA and a visiting professor at the Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy, where she teaches a class titled Writing Italian Food. Her research interests include food and wine and their cultural connections, architecture, history, landscape architecture and garden design, Shakespeare, teratology, media studies, Star Trek and culture, and travel.