Narratives, Persons, Communities

Individual, group and even national identities are built on layers of intertwining personal or shared narratives. History, truth, values and beliefs are heavily based on the stories we have been told, the ones we tell ourselves and the ones we choose to share with others. Our self-image relies on our “story” and we feel connected to our community and our kin by the memory of a shared past and a common vision for a shared future. Altering a fundamental narrative may lead to reshaping lives (for the better or the worse) for generations to come. This project shall explore various kinds of narratives in an attempt to find their larger meaning and implications and to determine ways to turn stories that hurt into stories that heal.


The Family
The family is the oldest and most enduring human institution. We have no choice over the family we are born into, and many of us go on to create and shape a family of our own which may mimic our family of origin or differ from it in startling and substantive ways. Because of the ubiquity of the family in all societies, the lack of one is considered so significant that attempts are made in many socities through law, culture and social policy to provide some form of substitute.

Humour seems to be a core feature of human life. The ability to provoke laughter, provide amusement or find people and the situations in which they find themselves funny is universally common across cultures and societies. Humour also appears to work in different ways and on different levels; age, education, gender, ethnicity, space and place all seem to play a part in the things people find funny. This conference will seek to map the way humour works at all levels and begin to ask why we laugh, how we laugh and what purpose humour serves.

Development Team

The Narratives, Persons, Communities project is initially being developed by a small global team. As the project begins to evolve and in light of the events and activities we run, further members will be added to the development team. If you would like to join and help develop the future of the project, please drop us a line.