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From all around the world, the people who become involved in our network have let us know one thing: we make a difference – individually, socially, nationally and globally.

As a not-for-profit network, we are always dancing on a fiscal tightrope. We are trying to develop sustainable pathways forwards, pathways that will allow us to continue bringing people together and making space for new interdisciplinary conversations.

We warmly welcome donations – of any and all varieties – either towards specific projects or initiatives, or for the general benefit of the Interdisciplinary Foundation. We set Progressive Connexions up in such a way that by law, 100% of money donated or paid to the network must feed directly back into its projects and activities. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Publishing interdisciplinary work that does not place financial burdens on authors
  • Offering fee reductions for developing country involvement and participation
  • Founding and encouraging scholarships for financially limited contributors
  • Compensating the volunteers who make it possible for us to run the network
  • Hosting digital and in-person events throughout the year

Every donation makes a significant difference to the work we are able to do, and helps us plan for exciting activities and projects in the future.

You can donate to Progressive Connexions using the button below:

You can also donate via bank transfer. Email us at for bank details, if that’s your preferred method.

If you would like to make a donation in support of a particular hub, project, or initiative, email us at to tell us about how you would like your donation to be used!

Even a few pounds makes a huge difference to our work! If you’d like, we can always send you updates, to keep you informed about how your donation is being used.


If you are interested in sponsoring a Progressive Connexions event or project, please email to discuss options. A contribution that offsets the cost of an event or project is enormously helpful in allowing us to break down boundaries around interdisciplinary work. We welcome sponsorships from organizations, companies, and individuals whose work aligns with the Progressive Connexions ethos.

Sponsor benefits may include:

  • A banner on the web pages for our online conferences
  • A logo or blurb in our Book of Abstracts
  • Mention on the relevant project page of our website
  • For sponsorships of in-person events, an opportunity to set up a stand of products for sale

We are also happy to discuss other options for benefits. Please always feel free to reach out to initiate a discussion.

Sponsor a Conference Scholarship

Although we are always working to bring the most diverse possible range of perspectives into our conferences, the cost of in-person events can be prohibitive to many attendees. Sponsoring a scholarship that covers the full or partial cost of conference registration, hotel, or travel fees, opens events up to delegates who might not otherwise be able to attend, and helps us work towards making Progressive Connexions events more inclusive and diverse. Email to propose a scholarship to offset an attendee’s cost based on financial need, background, field, or merit.