Music And….Death

Sad Piano

Sad Piano
© christian richter

The death of a lover, child, spouse, partner, parent, friend is the loss of someone unique and irreplaceable – a presence in our lives never to be seen, held, heard or felt again. The tragic loss of familiar, iconic, well loved public figures and celebrities, the unexpected deaths of people through murder, violence or terrorism, heart rending loss through illness, disease or natural disasters all remind us of the fragility and vulnerability of our lives. In times like these music is often our companion providing comfort in the incomprehensibility of loss.

Music And….Death is an exciting new inclusive interdisciplinary project focusing on the many roles of music within human living, thinking and feeling. This event will explore all historical and contemporary genres of music to map the ways in which music imagines, expresses, confronts, wrestles and gives us ways of responding to and coping with dying, death, grief and remembrance.


1st Global Conference
Saturday 2nd December – Sunday 3rd December 2017
Vienna, Austria

Call for papers, presentations and participation now active.