Cultures and Societies

The challenges to cultures and societies in the 21st century are fluid, pressing and continuously changing in the day-to-day flow of living in communities. With the rapid increase in global mobility, people face challenges to their identity as a result of encounters with new cultures and new ways of living and thinking. Communities are forged through integration, assimilation, disintegration and reintegration.


Cultural Diversity
Our global reality is one of increasing diversity, mobility, and interconnectedness. Individuals and communities engage and interact with one another on an unprecedented scale and the resulting entanglements of cultural diversities pose both challenges and opportunities. In the horizon-widening context of this global cultural diversity or “mundialization,” an urgent focus is emerging on how to foster inclusive strategies for how people can live in shared spaces and cross-cultural places of what has become our global village. How should we and how can we co-exist without one voice, one narrative, one group imposing moral, political or religious dominance or superiority?


Migration and Diasporas
Migration has defined our age perhaps more than any other single issue, as the 20th and 21st centuries have been characterized by prolonged global mobility on a massive scale. Combined with this phenomenon we also have the emergence of communities who conceive of themselves as a national, ethnic, linguistic or other form of cultural and political collective membership living outside of their ‘home lands.’ This stream will facilitate dialogue and spark innovative collaborations and discussions at an international level, in a dynamic and interactive setting.

Development Team

The Cultures and Societies project is initially being developed by a small global team. As the project begins to evolve and in light of the events and activities we run, further members will be added to the development team. If you would like to join and help develop the future of the project, please drop us a line.