Losing Myself
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Madness and the Asylum is a global and inclusive interdisciplinary research and publishing portal which seeks to explore issues of madness across historical periods and within cultural, literary, medical, political, professional and social contexts. The portal will also provide spaces for exploring madness in persons  and within the contexts of interpersonal relationships.  Across a range of critical perspectives, we are seeking to encourage innovative inter, multi and post disciplinary dialogues, welcoming contributions all disciplines, professions, practices and vocations which struggle to understand the place of madness in the lives of persons, relationships and the way it influences our interactions with the world around us.

The project will critically engage with a number of core themes:

  • the value of madness
  • why is it we need madness?
  • the passion of madness
  • the boundaries of madness
  • lunatics and the asylum
  • power, politics and madness
  • creativity and madness
  • unrestrained and boundless: liberating madness
  • the lessons of madness
  • the spaces of madness

Related themes will also be identified for development and exploration. Out of our deliberations it is anticipated that a series of related multi- and cross- context research projects will develop.



Madness and the Asylum
Saturday 7th May 2022 – Sunday 8th May 2022
Prague, Czech Republic

The Call for Submissions is now open.