Borders and Walls

Borders and Walls considers the development of borders, boundaries, fences and walls over time, the forces that influenced their creation in the past, the influences affecting border creation and maintenance today, along with the anticipation of their evolution and development in the future.

The original ‘borders’ were primarily natural, usually marked by mountains, deserts, rivers and oceans. The creation of human settlements and communities led to the division of the land they occupied.  While natural border features were usually a useful starting point, it increasingly became necessary to create artificial and relatively arbitrary lines on maps to signify borders between one community and another. Over the past 500 years, they began creating borders between one nation and another.

Today we see the bolstering of borders between nations and within nations, leading to increased restrictions and barriers in the movement of people, animals, business, commerce across border points. This inclusive interdisciplinary project will consider, amongst other things, national and domestic borders based on identity, privilege, money, law/legality, insider-outsider, racism.  It will also explore the difference between the concepts of ‘borders’ and ‘walls’ and why it appears to have become important.


Borders and Walls:
2nd Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference

Sunday 30th May 2021 – Monday 31st May 2021
Prague, Czech Republic

Call for papers, presentations and participation now active.