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While the health benefits of music have been broadly recognised across various disciplines, professions and activities, this project offers an opportunity for an inter-disciplinary exploration of music’s impact on the mental health of listeners, and the impact of mental health on the creation and performance of music. By considering the relationship between music and mental health in this bi-directional manner, the event aims to foster a dynamic dialogue that will:
·         facilitate sharing of concrete knowledge and techniques for using music to address mental health issues;
·         support direct engagement between musicians and health practitioners;
·         assist professionals from diverse disciplines in identifying ways that music can be used to promote mental health in work environment; and
·         support individuals seeking personal development by highlighting strategies to maximise the mental health benefits of music.


1st Global Conference
Saturday 13th April 2019 – Sunday 14th April 2019
Bruges, Belgium

The call for papers, presentations and participation is now open.