The Family

The family is the oldest and most enduring human institution.

The family is the oldest and most enduring human institution. We have no choice over the family we are born into, and many of us go on to create and shape a family of our own which may mimic our family of origin or differ from it in startling and substantive ways. Because of the ubiquity of the family in all societies, the lack of one is considered so significant that attempts are made in many societies through law, culture and social policy to provide some form of substitute.

Precisely because of the centrality of the family to human societies, and the role it plays in socialising each subsequent generation and transmitting genetic inheritance, it is of interest to anthropology, sociology, psychology, criminology, family law, politics, history, literature (including biography and autobiography), philosophy, health studies, social work, the natural sciences, psychiatry and all branches of medicine. So we welcome contributions from all of these and other disciplinary areas, in order to set up a set of conversations where we examine the family from every viewpoint possible.


1st Global Conference
The Family
Saturday 6th October 2018 – Sunday 7th October 2018
Budapest, Hungary

Due to unforeseen logistical conflicts, the conference has unfortunately been postponed to 2020. New dates to be released shortly.