Spirituality And….Culture

© Jamie Robertson 2016

Spirituality and culture are closely linked. ­­ How we treat others, what and when we eat and drink, how we interact with – and transcend – the everyday world are all affected by our spiritual orientation. Our spiritual commitments may prompt us to seek social change, travel to sacred places, and follow certain rituals to put us in touch with something beyond humdrum living. We might signal our identification with a particular spiritual group by our outward appearance, and demand that our voices be heard in the corridors of power, but be acutely aware of other groups with competing ideologies that we still value as part of the broader culture.

Spirituality And … Culture inaugurates an exciting new series of inclusive interdisciplinary projects that focus on the significance of spirituality to human living, thinking and feeling in today’s world. This event will explore the interactions between spirituality, culture and social phenomena.


3rd Global Conference
Spirituality And….Culture
Friday 12th March 2021 – Saturday 13th March 2021
Lisbon, Portugal

The call for proposals, presentations, abstracts and submissions is now open.