Spirituality And….Culture

© Jamie Robertson 2016

Spirituality recognises that there is more to reality than just the obvious material world. The intuition that our lives have a deeper meaning and are part of something bigger is a powerful reason for us to cultivate our spiritual side. Spirituality can heal and console us; it can help us to improve as caring human beings in our communities and enable us to flourish as individuals. Spiritual feelings of transcendence and awe have inspired artists, writers and composers throughout the ages, and continue to influence culture and creativity around the world today. Spirituality has not gone away in a hyper-connected age, but finds new modes of expression and practice. But as conventional religion declines in certain parts of the world, a spiritual vacuum is left behind – sometimes filled by those with dishonest agendas, or with harmfully individualistic interpretations. Destructive extremism and other evils can flow from these distorted varieties of spirituality. For good or ill, spirituality is an important feature of living and we ignore it at our peril. So this project sets out to make sense of a vital part of what it means to be human.

‘Spirituality And’ … is an exciting new series of inclusive interdisciplinary projects, that focus on the importance of spirituality in our lives and explore its continuing relevance in a complex, fragmented and often dysfunctional world.


3rd Global Conference
Spirituality And….Culture
Saturday 7th May 2022 – Sunday 8th May 2022
Prague, Czech Republic

The call for proposals, presentations, abstracts and submissions is now open.