We are building a portfolio of unique and innovative series which will examine the ways in which interdisciplinary perspectives can offer theoretical and practical insights into the experiences and dilemmas of modern living, the dilemmas of the social values which we use and encounter on a daily basis as well as shining a spotlight on the pioneers, both historical and living, who exemplify interdisciplinary living.

Themes in series will include Loneliness, Abuse, Gratitude, Fear, Friendship, Trust, Compassion, Anger, Honesty, Forgiveness, Friendship, Greed, Love and Loyalty. They are deliberately chosen as one word themes and with the intention of using interdisciplinarity to break down barriers between the worlds of academia, business, professions, ngo’s, the voluntary sector and the day to day work of communities.

The series is about highlighting how being interdisciplinary makes or can make a difference. It’s focuses on bringing people, organisations, communities, together to find ways to analyse what has been happening, what is presently happening and how it is possible to make changes. In short, we are interested in exploring ‘Interdisciplinary Impact’ – the provable effects of interdisciplinary work and research in the ‘real’ world with people working together on multiple layers and across diverse levels. It’s a call for everyone to come together, share ideas, experiences, knowledge and practices, break down barriers and make things happen.


Interdisciplinary Perspectives
The Interdisciplinary Perspectives (IP) series will explore the dilemmas we encounter in modern living and the sometimes impossible pressures created for the social values by which we live. The series will initially have two parts: IP on Modern Living and IP on Social Values. Others will be added as the series grows and evolves.
Interdisciplinary Lives
The Interdisciplinary Lives series will showcase, examine and celebrate the lives of people who, historically as well as in the 21st Century, have exemplified and embodied what it means to live an interdisciplinary life, how using interdisciplinary skills make them icons of their times and the ways in which it has had an impact on the communities in which they live.