The principles on which interdisciplinary living and thinking are founded. Humble inquisitiveness. Mutual respect.

“The greatest single lack which a person can have is lack of curiosity, and lack of confidence to question”. Curiosity and inquisitiveness lie at the very heart of living and learning. Being open to the mysteries and the wonders of the world for no other reason than simply wanting to know more about the world in which we live is the guiding principle in all that we do.

Interdisciplinary living and thinking is an impulse which is part of life itself. We do it because it is satisfying, because it will not leave us alone and because we cannot leave it alone.

We pursue interdisciplinary endeavours because they are inherently valuable, not because they may be ‘useful’ or profitable. We are committed to promoting the open exchange of ideas, experiences, research, practice and points of view.

We create interdisciplinary experiences rooted in the values of inclusiveness, egalitarianism, collegiality and critical inquiry. We believe learning experiences are enriched by the presence of people from around the world, whose contributions reflect the diversity of their experiences, expertise and professional backgrounds. Through such a rich diversity of exchanges, we facilitate and disseminate work which is pushing the boundaries of perceptions and insights which shape the world.

Our ethos is rooted in a commitment to creating an equal playing field in which everyone’s voice is valued. The contributions of first-year postgrads are welcomed just as much as those of an Emeritus professor; the perspectives of a CEO are valued just as much as those offered by a junior administrator. Consequently, we reject both the titles and hierarchies of the context from which you come and promote an atmosphere within which people can meet without the built-in intimidation such things can bring with them. In a spirit of humility, all voices all heard.

We also create spaces in which no one dominates the conversation: no single individual or group of individuals, no single nationality, gender, ideology or viewpoint. What we do is built upon the foundations of mutual respect and professional courtesy. All interactions are rooted in a spirit of collegiality and good will. The aim is to provide supportive environments for discussion, debate and new approaches. Constructive criticism is welcomed; point-scoring and grand-standing at the expense of others is not.

Humble inquisitiveness. Mutual respect. Openness to possibilities.

In determining the paths chosen and developed in all the areas of activity in which we engage, we have 6 core principles;

1. Will it promote, highlight and enable interdisciplinary living and thinking?
2. Will it present, nurture and sustain our vision and ethos?
3. Will it build and invite inclusive pathways to global understandings?
4. Will it help people learn, grow, evolve and transform?
5. Will it create contexts within which theoreticians, practitioners, skilled professionals trades-persons, voluntary sector workers and others can begin to engage with each other and continue that engagement beyond the initial encounter?
6. Will participation in the experience benefit communities and societies?