Conference Programme

2nd Global Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference

Saturday 1st May 2021 – Sunday 2nd May 2021


Saturday, 1st May 2021
The platform will open at 13:45 GMT – UK Time

14:00 – 14:15 GMT Welcome, Opening Words, and Expectations: Lorraine Rumson

14:15 – 14:45 Welcome Discussion with the Event Leaders

14:45 – 15:00 Break

15:00 – 16:30 Session 1: Ancient Monsters, Modern Crises
Chair: Lorraine Rumson

Making a Zombie: Ancient Tropes in Modern Horror Industries
Polina Ignatova

Waldemar and Franco: The Representation of the Decline of the Francoist Regime in the Spanish Werewolf Saga Movies
Erika Tiburcio Moreno

Vampires and Pandemics in Latin American Literature
Adriana Gordillo

16:30 – 16:45 Break

16:45 – 17:45 Session 2: Fear and Desire
Chair: Adriana Gordillo

Fear of the Known: Evoking Narrative Elements in Lovecraftian Futurist Sound Composition
William Connor

Desire as a Monster. Visible and Invisible Monsters in “The Afternoon Wind”
Joe Fortin

17:45 – 18:15 Long Break

18:15 – 19:45 Session 3: Lovecraftian Concepts
Chair: Liza Blackman

A Greek Influenced by Grimm: An Examination of H. P. Lovecraft’s Greek Period
Rhys James Jenkins

Reading/Studying Lovecraft as an Act of Moral Coming-of-Age; Lovecraft’s Legacy in Moral Realism
András Molnár

Lovecraftian Monsters of Nautical Horror in William Eubank’s Underwater
Antonio Alcalá Gonzalez

19:45 – 20:15 End of Opening Day Discussion and Consolidation


Sunday, 2nd May 2021
The platform will open at 13:45 GMT – UK Time

14:00 – 15:30 Session 4: Pop/Culture
Chair: Elif Çakmak

Racial Terror and the Struggle for Freedom in the HBO Series Lovecraft Country
Elena Apostolaki

A Murder of Monsters: Sacrifice and Reproduction in Frankenstein, Oroonoko and Geek Love.
Teresa Cutler-Broyles

Malign by Design: Visualizing Lovecraft and the Aesthetics of Monstrosity
Gerard Gibson

15:30 – 15:45 Break

15:45 – 17:15 Session 5: Monstrosity and Humanity
Chair: William Connor

“I Ought to be Thy Adam: But I Am Rather the Fallen Angel”: Monstrous Humanity in Frankenstein
Chloe Carroll

The Other Side of the Mirror: The Tendency of Humanizing the Monster and Monsterizing the Human in Media
Elif Çakmak

You Aren’t a Monster, You’re My Sister: Navigating Monstrous Power in The Umbrella Academy
Dan Connell

17:15 – 17:45 Long Break

17:45 – 19:15 Session 6: Outputs Workshop

19:15 – 20:00 GMT End of Day Discussion, Closing Thoughts, Goodbyes