As an umbrella term for an expression of sexuality, kink and its associated expressions may evoke a variety of feelings. From curiosity, excitement, and enthusiasm to shame, disgust, and judgment, there is no shortage of opinions. Often those outside the kink community, or the ‘scene’, make assumptions about the activities and the people within it, based in part on religious or cultural norms, their own (mis)understandings, or books or films they may have seen.

In psychological terms, kink is just another expression of human sexuality; kink can encompass a myriad of activities and attitudes just as any form of sexuality can; it is part of the continuum, and the lines between conventional and kinky sex are far from easy to discern. As well, varying levels of kink exists, in all walks of life, and just as with every other sexual identity there are limits and likes and dislikes, levels of acceptance, and beliefs about it within the community itself.



1st Global Conference
Saturday 9th March 2019 – Sunday 10th March 2019
Prague, Czech Republic

2nd Global Conference

Saturday 7th March 2020 – Sunday 8th March 2020
Prague, Czech Republic


Everyday Kink: Practice and Portrayal, ed. Teresa Cutler-Broyles and Kylo Patrick-Hart, is under contract with Emerald Publishing.