Sexual Citizenship

Exploring the relationship between sexuality and personhood, this project seeks to understand how sex and sexuality shape citizenship, belonging, identity, and expression. Embracing an ethos of cultural humility, we wish to explore how sexual citizenship manifests organically within and across communities and cultures.

Sexual citizenship is often constructed in ways that enforce inequities in access, disparities in full social and political participation, and hierarchies of belonging and non-belonging. The concept of citizenship is fraught with complication. How does citizenship relate to, or reject, notions of nationalism, patriotism, and hyperpatriotism? What is the relationship between citizenship and belonging? Who has access to citizenship, and how can citizenship be conceived in ways that transcend counties, states, provinces, and nations? Does sexual citizenship equate to homonationalism, or can it deconstruct and complicate loyalties specific to place and state? If citizenship serves to perpetuate binaries of inclusion and exclusion, can sexual citizenship nevertheless be a useful framework?

The project looks beyond sexuality as simple desire and seeks to explore how sexuality and sexual citizenship shape political, social, and cultural engagement and research across a wide variety of contexts and disciplines.


1st Global Conference
Monday 23rd July – Tuesday 24th Julk 2018
Prague, Czech Republic

Call for papers, presentations and participation now active.