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Athens, Greece, July 2022 - Storytelling and Trauma Booking Form

Event registration for the Storytelling and Trauma: A Global Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference - Saturday 9th July 2022 - Sunday 10th July 2022 - is now open.
  • You will need to complete this registration form. Please be aware that registration for this event is only open for people who submitted and have now received written confirmation of their acceptance of a presentation or some form of participation.
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  • As part of our ethos of inclusiveness, we are committed to doing our best to try and support participants who may have special needs. Please advise us of any disability or condition that will affect your participation at the event so that we can discuss the necessary arrangements (where possible).
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    Please note: it is not always possible to arrange for food to be prepared in accordance with strict religious requirements. Where it is possible, there are often additional costs associated with its availability.
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    The conference registration fee is £275. Accommodation costs are additional.
    Please Note: all fees must be paid prior to arrival at the conference. Participants with unsettled invoices will not be granted access to the event.
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  • Before proceeding any further, please carefully read this cancellation notice. By signing this form you consent to accepting the cancellation policy and agree to be bound by its terms and conditions. The policy will be rigorously enforced.

    ~ Cancellation 60 days before the start of the conference = no penalty
    ~ Cancellation within 60-30 days before the start of the conference = 35% of total costs
    ~ Cancellation within 29-14 days before the start of the conference = 75% of total costs
    ~ Cancellation within 14 days (including no shows) before the start of the conference = 100% of total costs

    Please note: Any refunds to non-UK bank accounts will be liable to a 17GBP handling fee.
    Progressive Connexions retains the right to alter or cancel this conference and will provide notice as quickly as practicable of any cancellation or material alteration. Neither Progressive Connexions nor its agents or employees will be required to reimburse travel or other costs incurred by participants because of cancellations or alterations of the event. Refunds for cancellations are subject to the cancellation policy stated in the booking form.

    Participants are strongly advised to take out independent travel insurance, including cancellation insurance.

    When refunding credit card bookings or bank transfer payment please be advised that a £5 administration fee will be applied. In the case of bank transfer refunds ID.Net will not be liable for bank charges.
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