Few relationships are as significant as our friendships. The Buddha was once asked by his cousin, Ananda, “Is friendship part of the path?” The Buddha’s response, “No Ananda, friendship is the whole path,” suggesting the momentous power and meaning attributed to friendships. Certainly, close friendships can be as just as important to us as familial bonds. Conversely, the absence of friends can cause feelings of loneliness and isolation. Although the general psychological and biological benefits of friendship have been well documented, the actual experience of friendship is a deeply personal one. Not only do we each have our own views on what friendship means, we each have our own approach to choosing our friends.

This inclusive interdisciplinary project aims to explore all facets and aspects of friendship through an interdisciplinary dialogue that transcends the boundaries of the intellectual, the emotional and the personal.


1st Global Conference
Friendship: Inclusive Interdisciplinary Perspectives
Saturday 7th March 2020 – Sunday 8th March 2020
Prague, Czech Republic

Submissions are now open.