Gender and Sexuality Publications

Forces of the Erotic

Forces of the Erotic From ancient Greece to contemporary cultures, people have strived to make visible ¬ either explicitly or implicitly – their constructions of the erotic. The papers in this volume explore the myriad ways in which individuals and societies have created a notion of what constitutes the erotic. […]

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Femininities and Masculinities in Action

Femininities and Masculinities in Action The chapters in this interdisciplinary anthology study the construction of gender in different historical, textual, economic and political contexts. This wide ranging body of scholarly work thereby contributes to the study of the considerable variations in the way in which gender constructions are and have […]

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Female of the Species

The Female of the Species: Cultural Constructions of Evil, Women From Alien Queens to prostitutes, ‘phallic’ mothers to child-murderers, evil women proliferate across cultural productions that span millennia. This collection explores the perennial question of ‘evil’ and its relationship to women and femininity. Taking as their starting points material as […]

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Doing Gender, Doing Love: Interdisciplinary Voices The emotion of love is ontologically foundational: it is through love that people fulfil their basic humanity, by relating to one another and forging and re-tracing, time and again, the borders of their identity.Children first apprehend their sense of self as they are loved […]

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