An accreditation consortium which provides global organising structures and recognises interdisciplinary achievement.

Interdisciplinary research, work and practices are taking place, every day, all across the world. Yet there are no professional bodies which exist to help provide any common organising principles, structures, knowledge or examples to support the work that is happening.

We are putting in place foundations to commence a three year evolving strategy which will develop a fully inclusive professional organisation which
~ recognises, acknowledges and rewards interdisciplinary achievement
~ showcases exemplary practice
~ provides interdisciplinary quality assurance and standards
~ develops core interdisciplinary competency, skills & assessment
~ performs ethical, expert, guidance and assessment

The Interdisciplinary Accreditation Consortium will
~ develop and maintain a public database of accredited companies, groups and institutions
~ create a repository of information for interdisciplinary best practices
~ inspire public and professional confidence

~ promote shared international quality assessment standards as well as advise and contribute to policy and qualifications documents from international bodies, professional groups and governments
~ provide a range of inspection, support and accreditation services to all markets, networks, bodies and communities

The Consortium will provide expertise for encouraging sustainable programmes of development, consult on the attraction of international funding opportunities and offer pathways for professional and personal engagement with communities.

We are presently inviting expressions of interest from departments within Universities, Colleges, businesses, professional networks, NGO’s, voluntary sector organisations who would like to become stakeholders in the this new accrediting body. We are anticipating closing this phase of development by the end of 2020.