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Football and its Communities 2012

Football and its Communities 2012 From club-sponsored outreach initiatives to organisations that bring together a team’s supporters, football clubs play a vital role in building and sustaining communities. This volume explores the significance and value of such activities, as well as the critical issues they raise. Essays examine the dynamic […]

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Evil and the State: Interdisciplinary Perspectives It has been argued that situational and experiential factors provide a moral lens through which people judge the morality or otherwise of actions. The research presented within this volume takes this a step further and illustrates that individual differences may interact with these situational […]

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Engaging Children Global neoliberal policies have resulted in a narrowing of the purpose of creativity in schools to one of developing students as human capital for the global market. Through an interdisciplinary approach, chapter authors in this book challenge this narrow notion and  offer both theoretical and research-based support to […]

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