The Changing Faces of Evil Publications

Frightful Witnessing

Frightful Witnessing: The Rhetoric and (Re)Presentation of Fear Observing the anguish of others — voyeuristically looking at their pain through the ‘keyhole’ of the media, eavesdropping on their stories of horror, or reading accounts of terror — can be a frightful experience; but it is also one that many of […]

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Forces of Evil

The Forces of Evil In this volume of essays, the authors delve into how evil forces within our culture subjugate us into shame and degradation. Within the following essays, we discover that in many ways evil and violence are incorporated into our cultural institutions as a means of conveying a […]

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Evil and the State: Interdisciplinary Perspectives It has been argued that situational and experiential factors provide a moral lens through which people judge the morality or otherwise of actions. The research presented within this volume takes this a step further and illustrates that individual differences may interact with these situational […]

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